The new Bushwacker™ Rimfire Target from Birchwood Casey® creates a fun, fast-paced shooting environment that can quickly be set up in any safe area.

The Bushwacker Rimfire Target features two rugged ¼” AR400 steel target paddles that measure 4” in diameter with 3” Target Spots® attached. The targets alternate between upright and down positions when shot, allowing shooters to focus on quick target acquisition that helps them hone their skills, as well as providing hours of fun without having to go down range and change targets.

The Bushwacker comes fully assembled with no tools required and sets up right out of the box.

The Bushwacker Rimfire Target is made in the USA and sells for a retail price of $79.99.



Gun cleaning day today. Nothing like the smell of Black Rifle coffee and Birchwood-Casey gun oil!
Pierre Plourde

Finally finished with my Marlin 336W .30-30 stock with the Birchwood Casey refinishing kit. She doesn't look like the same rifle. I put another scope and new rings and mounts on. All I have left is sighting in. Thanks for making great products for gun maintenance! This is the first time refinishing a stock.
Mark Mims

A huge thanks to Birchwood Casey for help make all 4 hunts successful this year. A perfect 4 for 4 for my kiddos, wife and father in law after sighting our rifles in on Freedom Targets by Birchwood Casey. Blessed and thankful indeed on this Thanksgiving Day.
Dorian Fno Temple

Outstanding customer service! These folks should be the model on how to treat a customer! I will be a lifelong customer for sure!!
Marty Lomasney